“heterosis – a kinetic typeface” by brian banton

oh! obsessed. i want to make a set.

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Aerial view of the Hollywood Bowl (1929)

i want to go here and sit in the top row.


Aerial view of the Hollywood Bowl (1929)

i want to go here and sit in the top row.

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Wave Garden by Yusuke Obuchi

As an alternative to nuclear power and other conventional energy sources, the Wave Garden is an electric power plant that derives energy from the movement of ocean waves. Its piezo-electro membrane is a flexible electric generator, where bending the material or applying stress creates an electric charge. Conversely, applying electric current to the membranes causes it to deform. Monday through Friday, it generates energy, but at the weekends, the Wave Garden changes into a public garden - thus changing from a space of production to one of recreation and consumption. During the weekends, selected areas lift above the surface of the ocean, acting as a ceiling under which boats approach the entrances. (via Pruned)

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Peter Gentenaar. Paper Sculptures in the Church of Saint Riquier, France.

More here

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Nina Sellars

Developed in consultation with both a quantum physicist and a mechanical engineer, Nina Sellars’s Lumen explores the visual implications of medical imaging systems as they begin to “map the anatomical body” (GV). This work is composed of a fibre optic set-up focused on the interior of a nearby glass vessel. The result is a ghost-like image showing larger light formations mediated by the rotating glass and projected onto an opposing wall. What at first appears to be empty space is revealed as an eerie composite of light-shapes.

Defined as “a kinetic installation that presents real time scans of a fictional interior,” Lumen is able to visualize what is otherwise invisible. Although visually organic, Lumen is principally technological, and so very nicely marries aesthetic engagement with the science of microscopy. Very cool to see artists working so closely with scientists from such disparate fields.

For what is perhaps a more thorough explanation of the scientific principles at work in Sellars’s work, you can visit her website here.  And, for more information about Sellars and her showing at GV’s Art and Science exhibition in London, click here.

And for those of us especially interested in fibre optics, check out this book.

Erin Saunders



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DUNE by Daan Roosegaarde

Dune is an interactive landscape that interacts with human behavior. This hybrid of nature and technology exists out of large amounts of fibers which brighten according to the sounds and motion of passing visitors.

DUNE 4.2 is a new, permanent interactive landscape residing alongside the Maas River in Rotterdam, NL. This public artwork of 60 meters utilizes less than 60 Watts while intuitively interacting with its visitors; rendering the installation sustainable as well as cutting edge in construction.

Words and photos: Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde

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No. 205 | Holland Tunnel | NY/NJ


No. 205 | Holland Tunnel | NY/NJ

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